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Having access to a ready supply of clean water is essential to modern daily life – so if something goes wrong, it’s important to know where to turn for reliable, efficient and cost-effective water mains repair. It also makes sense to be insured on such matters, which is why we want to offer insurance companies the best service possible for the benefit of both them and their clients.

As the UK’s leading privately-owned specialist drainage and wastewater contractor, Lanes Drainage Services UK water mains repair services answer all of these problems. We provide water supply pipe and mains repairs for some of the UK’s largest insurance companies, as well as a direct service for commercial and domestic customers.

Our experienced and qualified clean water pipe fitters operate across the UK, ready to help 24/7 if and when something goes wrong with your water mains system. No matter the circumstances, we’ll find the right solution to your clients’ problem, and carry out our work in a way that minimises disruption.

For more information or for a free, no-obligation quote for our water mains repair services, call Lanes today on 0800 526 488, or fill in our online enquiry form to request a call back.

Who is responsible for clean water mains pipe repairs?

Determining who is responsible for carrying out water supply pipe repairs depends on the location of the leak, and the type of pipe that has been affected:

  • Water mains supply pipes are a network that transport clean drinking water from the main carrier pipe to each individual property, and are the responsibility of the property owner.

  • Water mains pipes are large-diameter pipes that carry and distribute water around the national network. These are the responsibility of the water company.

When a water service pipe leak is located, it is important to call the right people to help:

  • If the leak is located between an external and internal stop valve, call an expert clean water pipe repair service provider like Lanes. If a relevant policy is in place, this can be handled via an insurer.

  • If the leak is located after the internal stop valve, call a qualified plumber. If a relevant policy is in place, this can also be handled via an insurer.

  • If the client is unsure whether the leak is on their property, or whether they are responsible, they should contact their local water authority to investigate this further.

How can Lanes help?

At Lanes, we offer a water mains repair service that clients – both insurers and the insured – can trust, covering all aspects of the process, with a strong dedication to caring customer service.

As part of our services, we will:

  • Use advanced water leak detection tools, combined with many years of experience among our team of qualified clean water operatives, to search for and pinpoint the exact position of any leak

  • Confirm whose responsibility the leak is, while supplying the client with information needed to approach the relevant water authority if the leak is their responsibility

  • Select the most appropriate method of repair for each case, whether this be a spot repair, a renewal of your supply pipe or a rerouting of the piping system

  • Carry out any necessary water pipe repairs using the latest no-dig trenchless technology to minimise the disruption and costs associated

  • Assist with providing a cause of damage for clients so they can approach insurers to explore the option of them covering the cost of repairing the leak

Lanes also prides itself on setting the highest health and safety standards, so you can be sure that you and your property will be safeguarded at all times.

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