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Concerns about protecting the environment and sustainability are making the effective management of wastewater a bigger priority than ever before. The growing impact of climate change, with more volatile weather putting additional pressure on wastewater systems, is also adding to the challenges ahead.

Lanes Drainage Services UK is helping water utility companies, other businesses and public bodies meet these challenges, with a comprehensive range of wastewater management services.

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Leading Wastewater Technology

We operate the UK’s largest fleet of recycler jet vac tankers, which are up to 68% more efficient and sustainable than standard vehicles.

We also have one the biggest fleets of tankers, including high-volume vacuumation tankers, which can be mobilised flexibly to meet the most challenging urgent service needs.

With an array of specialist services – including advanced ultraviolet light sewer and culvert lining, chamber spray lining, pressure pipe lining and industrial cleaning – we provide end-to-end support for all clients.

Our Services

We offer fully bespoke specialist drainage services designed to help overcome any and all drainage challenges. Browse some of our most sought-after traditional services for the wastewater industry below.

Drain Cleaning Services | Lanes Drainage Services

Using cutting-edge techniques & technology, Lanes inspect, clean and maintain drains for commercial, industrial and domestic clients across the UK.

Sewer Repairs | Lanes Drainage Services UK

If you have suffered a total sewer, drain or pipe collapse, Lanes provides efficient sewer repairs 24/7 across the UK. Call us today to find out how we can help.

Drain Jet Vacuumation Services (Jet Vac) | Lanes Drainage Services

Lanes jet vacuumation technology can be used to suck debris from drains, grease traps, interceptors, and septic tanks - maintaining a healthy drainage system.

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