Waste Emptying

The emptying, collecting, transporting and disposal of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste

About Our Waste Emptying Services

Removing sewage from tanks and cess pits is a dangerous job. Our experts are trained to the very highest health and safety standards, and equipped with the latest technology to make waste disposal efficient and cost-effective.

At Lanes, we can help you tackle any kind of waste, whatever your tankering challenge. Contact our team and help us understand the challenge you're facing, or see some of the common ways we manage waste removal below.

Septic Tank and Cesspit Services

Keep your septic systems running smoothly with our professional septic tank and cesspit cleaning and emptying services.

Septic Tank & Cesspit


Our nationwide tankering services ensure liquid waste is safely and efficiently removed from a range of devices such as interceptors and grease traps.


Wastewater tankering services

We provide specialist wastewater removal services to the utility industry, from wet well emptying to sludge disposal and effluent management.

Utility Industry Specialisms

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Utility Industry Specialists

Lanes Drainage Services UK is a leader in providing wastewater tankering services for the utility industry, working with water companies across the UK to provide planned and reactive tankering services that support the highest technical standards and best customer service.

We operate the most modern and advanced 3,000, 4,000 and 6,000-gallon vacuumation tankers for the removal and transportation of a wide range of waste, including leachate, sewage, cleaning water, sludge and slurry. This allows us to deliver dedicated reactive or planned tankering services for utility providers, quickly mobilising our fleet of vehicles based on the specific needs of the company in question.

Additionally, we are able to provide peak demand services, using our current tankering service fleet to help water utility companies to meet, cost-effectively and sustainably, their tankering needs over time.

Call Lanes today on 0800 526 488 or fill in our online enquiry form to discuss your water utility tankering service needs, or read on to find out more about our specific tankering services.

Sludge transportation & disposal

Our utility tankering fleet can deliver highly efficient sludge transportation and disposal services. What’s more, our dedication to equipping our fleet with the most fuel-efficient, low-emission tankers means they can contribute positively to low-carbon and sustainability strategies.


Wet well emptying

We can provide tankers to deliver a wet well emptying service – including super suction machines and DISABs – for very deep wet wells, or those full of thick sludge and debris.

Effluent management

We have a proven track record of delivering a highly responsive effluent management service through the deployment of high-performance tankers of exactly the right size, precisely when – and where – they are needed. Lanes works closely with water utility providers to guarantee that water treatment works are managed optimally through peaks and troughs in demand. We can also help to ensure that associated services – such as anaerobic digestion and biomass energy plants – are fully supported through planned and reactive tankering services.

Water Treatment Works – Sludge Removal

During waste removal services from water treatment works, Lanes is frequently required to combine the tanker services being provided, with confined space entry to physically remove the ‘rag’ (wipes and other items that should not have been flushed into the system) from the filter system. All Lanes staff members working on these projects have been on the required ‘confined space entry’ training. Lanes can provide a one-stop delivery solution for all our clients with a range of wastewater services.

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