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When purchasing a new home, investing in a home buyers’ drain survey should be considered one of the most important priorities. Buying a house is a costly and involved process, which is why it’s so vital that prospective buyers get a full and thorough appraisal of any potential risks and faults with the drainage system before they become a problem.

With our drain surveys, our team at Lanes can provide you with a thorough appraisal of the condition of your new home’s drainage system, giving you full visibility into any work that may need to be done before you can complete your purchase, and offering peace of mind that your drainage and sewage systems are in proper working order.

Why invest in a home buyers' drain survey?

For homebuyers, a general house survey is a mandatory part of the purchasing process, with many mortgage lenders and insurers requiring a full surveyor’s report before they agree to get involved.

However, the property’s drainage system can often get overlooked – partly because surveyors lack the equipment and expertise to carry out a proper drain survey to assess the condition of the drains, and partly because drainage-related risks are often forgotten about by the home buyer. However, drainage problems can cause major potential issues if left undetected and unaddressed, leading to nasty surprises and expensive remedial work.

This is why CCTV drainage surveys are normally recommended as a follow-up to home buyers’ general house surveys, as they can help to reveal a range of common problems within the drainage system.

Drain surveys can be used to identify the following issues with your property’s drainage:

  • fractured, cracked, leaky or defective pipes

  • evidence of blockages and backed-up sewage

  • tree root intrusions into the piping system

  • collapses in the underground pipe network

What type of data do we collect?

The images we are able to obtain through our CCTV drain surveys offer a clear snapshot of the current state of your drain system, giving you the confidence you need as a home buyer that your new property is in good condition, or allowing you to arrange for a drain repair if necessary.

We will digitally deliver all of the images from our drainage survey to you alongside a detailed report via our specialist delivery web portal. The full drain survey data can be viewed on any device, or you can also download and or print the findings as required. We are known for our excellent service, and can explain anything that is unclear, but we doubt that we will need to – such is our confidence in the quality of our imaging.

Through our drain mapping and detailed report, we can also help to shed light on any drainage system ownership questions you may have, by conclusively determining which parts of the drainage system fall within your legal responsibility as the new property owner, and which parts are under the authority of the local utilities provider.

How can I arrange a home buyer drain survey?

By getting in touch with Lanes, you’ll be to find out more about the kind of drain survey we can offer for your property – all we need to get started with your inquiry is the postcode of the property in question.

For a free quotation or to request a drain survey, call us on 0800 526 488 or use our online enquiry form.

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