Drain Interceptors

Ensuring your drain interceptor is fully functional

If your property utilises drain interceptors to prevent blockages in your sewer systems, they must be properly installed and maintained to keep them working effectively. Lanes offers comprehensive drain interceptor services to ensure that your interceptor system remains in optimal working condition.


What Is a Drain Interceptor?

Drain interceptors – also known as drain separators or interceptor traps – are seen as the final line of drainage defence. They are designed to stop contaminants like fats, oils and greases from entering waterways from commercial and industrial sites (such as production facilities, storage areas and even car parks) and creating a pollution hazard.

Surface water that lands on hard standing at commercial and industrial sites or car park areas, for example, will collect contaminants (oil, silt, dirt and brake dust) before entering the stormwater system. Interceptor traps help to protect surface water drains by separating contaminants from the water before they reach the main sewer system and storing them in interceptor tanks.

Additionally, these systems sometimes incorporate drain interceptor alarm and monitoring systems, which alert the property owner to how full the system is and whether it is working properly.

Drainage interceptors must be maintained regularly (emptied and cleaned), and the owner should keep documentation showing that the waste has been disposed of correctly. At Lanes, we provide paperwork verifying this during the drain interceptor maintenance process. Allowing unseparated surface water (such as run-off from vehicle washing and cleaning activities) to damage the environment and pollute rivers, streams and groundwater carries a risk of prosecution by the Environment Agency in England.

Ignorance is no defence against a charge of causing pollution through inadequately maintained systems, so making effective use of drain interceptor systems is of utmost importance if you are looking to set up a new production facility.

Drain Interceptor Installation & Maintenance

The costs and benefits of regular maintenance are minimal compared to the potential penalties if a pollution incident does occur – and Lanes can take care of it all. Our expert engineers can install, clean and maintain your drain interceptor trap, ensuring that it collects oils, fats and grease to prevent pollution and blockages in your drainage system.


The Process of Installing an Interceptor Tank

Understanding the many important applications of drain interceptors is vital, but you can leave the rest up to us. We will consult with you to assess your situation, taking into consideration your location and the surrounding infrastructure before offering a detailed plan for your interceptor tank installation.

We will require access to the sewer system, and the amount of work this will take will depend on physical factors and how they impact accessibility. Our expert engineers will oversee and conduct the appropriate construction efficiently so you are able to get your business off the ground as soon as possible.

If you require drain interceptor installation for your commercial premises, call us now, and we can help you to avoid potential future issues with contamination and pollution.

How Lanes Drainage Services UK Can Help

We are the UK’s largest independent drainage specialist contractor, and our nationwide network means that, no matter where you are in the country, our teams will be able to help.

Emptying and cleaning

We make sure that your drainage interceptors are emptied and cleaned when necessary, using high powered, advanced jet vacuumation and tankering technology. Interceptor cleaning may be done at intervals as part of a planned maintenance contract, or when requested by your site staff. We take waste to fully-licensed premises and provide paperwork as part of this process.

Award winning

Additionally, we have received awards for our innovation and attention in areas of health and safety. Our drainage experts maintain the highest possible standards of safety for you, themselves, and the surrounding community. With our focus on education, we will explain the entire process to you, and help you to get to grips with the responsibility that comes with pumping industrial waste.

Nationwide Coverage

With depots all around the country, our experts are always close. You don’t plan for drainage issues, so when they do arise we aim to be with you ASAP to help identify and rectify the problem as quickly as possible. For emergencies, we are on hand 24/7, 365 days a year. Use our quick enquiry form or call us on the number below.

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