Culvert Cleaning and Inspection

The importance of culvert integrity

The regular inspection of culverts is critical to keeping surface water flowing away freely and so reduce the risk of flooding. For this reason, inspections and mapping of culverts should form a key part of commercial maintenance plans and budgets. And, naturally, Lanes is the perfect partner to manage both information and solutions, even within the most stretched maintenance budgets.


Culvert inspection

At Lanes, we survey culverts of any diameter and construction via a range of methods: CCTV and pole-cam equipment, man-entry walk-throughs and equipment mounted flotation devices. As well as being renowned for accessing the most difficult to reach locations, we always work to the very highest levels of health and safety.

Culvert cleaning and rehabilitation

The culvert cleaning process is very similar to our sewer de-silting technique. Both involve the use of high-powered water jetting and vacuumation to break up, collect and then responsibly dispose of the accumulated waste. Culvert rehabilitation may be rare in our industry, but it’s something that our teams regularly carry out, using similar relining technology to that for repairing drains, vertical pipes and sewers, but adapted to rehabilitate and repair decaying or damaged culverts.

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