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Drain Services Within Food Service & Catering

Food and beverage manufacturing requires the maintenance of a wide range of types of production pipe and tank systems for transporting and managing ingredients and waste products.

Lanes Drainage Services UK has significant expertise and experience in supporting food and drink manufacturers in safely cleaning and emptying pipe systems and tanks so production can continue smoothly.

Planned Preventative Drainage Maintenance

Preventative measures help to avoid the escalation of drainage issues into bigger problems that are more costly and time-consuming to fix. Lanes Drainage Services UK offers maintenance plans to inspect, maintain and clean drain and sewer systems to identify and fix issues before they get worse.

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Reactive Sewer and Drain Unblocking

More often than not, business are caught off-guard by the rapid onset of drainage issues that haven’t been caught soon enough. When this happens, fast and effective intervention is the best way to get business back up and running as effectively as possible. Lanes are available for call-outs at any time of day, providing expert solutions to drainage problems as they occur.

Available 24/7, 365 Days a Year

The capacity and capability of Lanes Drainage Services UK, the UK’s largest drainage specialist, makes us ideal partners for food and beverage producers because we can deliver services flexibly, day or night.

Our comprehensive services are supported by a wide range of specialist drainage vehicles, including jet vac tankers, tankers and high-volume wet/dry vacuumation tankers.

This makes Lanes best able to seamlessly coordinate and carry out all specialist tasks needed within challenging time frames, for example during planned production shutdowns.

Our dedicated industrial cleaning carries out process vessel and tank emptying and cleaning across the UK.

Additionally, our pipe rehabilitation division offers Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) lining for all types of pipes, including production pipes with chemically resistant liners and industrial pressure pipes.

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Our Services

We offer fully bespoke specialist drainage services designed to help businesses overcome any and all drainage challenges. Contact our team for an obligation-free consultation, or browse some of our most sought-after services below.

Drain Cleaning Services | Lanes Drainage Services

Using cutting-edge techniques & technology, Lanes inspect, clean and maintain drains for commercial, industrial and domestic clients across the UK.

Sewer Repairs | Lanes Drainage Services UK

If you have suffered a total sewer, drain or pipe collapse, Lanes provides efficient sewer repairs 24/7 across the UK. Call us today to find out how we can help.

Drain Jet Vacuumation Services (Jet Vac) | Lanes Drainage Services

Lanes jet vacuumation technology can be used to suck debris from drains, grease traps, interceptors, and septic tanks - maintaining a healthy drainage system.

What is FOG?

If you work in a catering environment, it’s important to know what FOG is and how to properly dispose of it. FOG stands for fat, oil, and grease. Common ingredients that contain FOG include dairy products such as cream, butter and margarine, lard, batter, salad dressings, meat fats, soups, oil, icing and sauces.

The implications of putting FOG down the drain are serious, not just in terms of current legislation but also the costs accrued by damage caused by FOG.

Costly blockages can be quickly created by a build-up of food waste in drainage pipes, leaving you open not just to large outgoings for repair but also prosecution for environmental pollution. Not only is this a big financial risk but the effects on your business can be hugely detrimental, with potentially significant downtime whilst you sort the problem out and a likelihood that you will lose customers in the process.

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