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Clean Water Maintenance and Services

Timely response, consistent service quality and unwavering health and safety standards are priorities in the delivery of clean water services for utility companies and other organisations.

Lanes Drainage Services UK has a strong track record for all three, with a customer-centric response to working on clean water networks, and always keeping customers informed about the essential work we do.

We work in partnership with our clients to provide bespoke, end-to-end 24/7 clean water maintenance and installation solutions based on our extensive industry knowledge and a broad range of capabilities.

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High-performance field technicians work hand-in-hand with award-winning customer service teams that use the latest digital planning and scheduling systems to deliver exceptional customer experience.

This includes using the latest trenchless water pipe repair, rehabilitation and replacement technology to maintain clean water networks sustainably and with the least disruption.

Our Services

We offer fully bespoke specialist drainage services designed to help individuals and businesses overcome any and all drainage challenges. Browse some of our most sought-after traditional services below.

Drain Cleaning Services | Lanes Drainage Services

Using cutting-edge techniques & technology, Lanes inspect, clean and maintain drains for commercial, industrial and domestic clients across the UK.

Sewer Repairs | Lanes Drainage Services UK

If you have suffered a total sewer, drain or pipe collapse, Lanes provides efficient sewer repairs 24/7 across the UK. Call us today to find out how we can help.

Drain Jet Vacuumation Services (Jet Vac) | Lanes Drainage Services

Lanes jet vacuumation technology can be used to suck debris from drains, grease traps, interceptors, and septic tanks - maintaining a healthy drainage system.

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