CCTV surveying services

State of the art surveying and investigation techniques

Accessing, identifying and investigating the condition of your drainage

Are you looking to identify a problem with your drains, or are you keen to find and repair potential issues before they arise?

Are you eager to find a way to get your drains checked out that avoids the disruption that can be caused by excavations or workers entering the sewers?

If so, Lanes Drainage Services UK can help you. Our CCTV surveying services are state of the art, using the very latest remote-controlled camera technology to check the inside of drains and sewers without causing any inconvenience for the property owner.

Whether you require a routine maintenance visit or an emergency callout, Lanes is ready to help you, with 24/7 customer service and local teams dispatched from 20 depots across the country.

As the UK’s largest privately-owned drainage and wastewater contractors, our service is second to none.

How can Lanes help?

Lanes offers one of the most sophisticated CCTV drain surveying services on the market, using advanced remote control wheel-mounted camera units to gather HD-quality images of pipes of all sizes.

The images obtained this way allow identification of issues at first pass, with no need for further diagnostics or additional investigation.

All of this footage is recorded electronically and provided to you via our online portal, alongside a full technical report explaining all the details.

Once the survey is complete, we will review the images with you and recommend solutions to any problems we discover, such as relining work to repair cracks identified in the pipes. In this way, you can ensure that your pipes are kept in optimal condition.

We have experience of working with clients from all sectors and backgrounds, meaning we are able to deliver both pre-planned maintenance services and emergency surveys no matter where you are located, or how your drains are laid out.


What are the advantages of CCTV drain surveys?

Checking for drainage problems is difficult for many commercial properties, including bridges, buildings and other structures.

Because drains are concealed, it is hard to spot problems until it is too late, especially when dealing with internal vertical and/or horizontal drainage systems.

CCTV drain surveys represent an advanced drain imaging method that solves many of these problems. Benefits include:

Compact remote-controlled camera systems

Can be inserted into and record images of pipes of any shape and diameter

Video footage

Can identify common problems, such as cracks, fissures, blockages and collapsed sections, as well as tree root growth and possible access points for rodents


No need to dig up the ground or enter the pipes to carry out the survey

Identify issues before they develop

CCTV drain surveys can help businesses identify potential drainage issues and correct them before they become more serious, without creating any short-term disruption in the meantime.

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