Comprehensive Highway Gully Cleaning and Surveying Services in the UK

Highway gully cleaning and surveying are crucial aspects of proper road maintenance, playing a key role in protecting the UK’s road networks from flooding. Lanes Drainage Services UK helps companies and local authorities working on the roads to make sure that highway gullies are kept clear of blockages and debris.

As the UK's largest privately owned drainage companies, Lanes is well-placed to help deal with highway flooding incidents, using specialised technology to clear out blocked roadside gullies and prevent further disruption.

We also work with councils to provide ongoing surveying and maintenance services, ensuring that any potential problems can be dealt with before they arise.

The importance of highway gully maintenance

Highway gullies are roadside drainage points, typically covered by a metal grate, which are connected to surface water sewers and are designed to take away excess water from the highway, ultimately discharging into drains, ditches, watercourses or sewers. They play an essential safety role in making sure the roads are not overwhelmed by surface water after heavy rainfall.

When water is allowed to accumulate as a result of a blocked highway gully, it can result in unpleasant odours, ponding and the risk of aquaplaning, which makes conditions on the road more hazardous for drivers and passengers alike.

Excess surface water leads to increased stopping distances for vehicles and can make it difficult for pedestrians to cross; in the most serious cases, a flooded road can become completely impassable.

As such, highway authorities and those with responsibilities for working on the roads have a responsibility to keep roadside gullies properly maintained, meaning they should be regularly emptied of silt and debris, checked and cleaned, in order to minimise the risks of water causing a hazard to public safety.

How our highway gully cleaning and surveying services work

We can support those responsible for roadway maintenance with a complete range of highway gully cleaning services, including both planned maintenance work and reactive callouts when emergencies arise.

Using advanced technology that combines powerful vacuumation with high-pressure water jetting, we are able to address the causes of blocked gullies and minimise the impact of road flooding, clearing away groundwater as well as any debris, silt and mud left behind by flood water.

We also work closely with local authorities to carry out rolling maintenance programmes, ranging from small-scale projects covering specific areas over a defined period, to year-round contracts encompassing entire regions.

Our CCTV surveying and GPS mapping technology plays a major role in this work. These innovations provide us with an unparalleled insight into drain layouts, both above and below ground, using remote-operated cameras to view the inside of pipes and gullies and identify any defects, whether we are working to repair an existing issue or carrying out a routine survey.

Lanes has the capacity to service hundreds of gullies, using our advanced fleet of super jet vac tanker units and our team of experienced technicians, ensuring that roads are maintained to a high standard and the risk of localised flooding is kept to a bare minimum.

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