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Are you looking for commercial drain repair and relining services to help address potentially serious problems with your property’s drains and pipes? Get in touch with Lanes Drainage Services UK. We will deliver efficient, cost-effective repairs to get your system back in perfect working order.

We deliver commercial drain repair and renovation services for business sites across the UK, handling major and minor drainage problems with a minimum of fuss and disruption for you. In the majority of cases, we make use of advanced ‘no-dig’ techniques that allow us to fix your drains without even having to break ground, ensuring that the whole process is quick and simple.


As one of the leading providers of drain repair and no-dig relining services, you can rely on Lanes to apply the very latest technology using the most sophisticated equipment to get your drains working at their best. With depots across the country, we can be contacted 24/7 to deliver repair services when and where you need us.

Our Drain Repair and Relining Services

Lanes deliver a wide range of drain relining and repair solutions for business and commercial sites as well as private site and home drainage systems, aimed at quickly identifying drainage problems and correcting them efficiently, causing as little disruption as possible.

This includes:

  • Utilising CCTV imaging to scan the inside of your property’s pipes and drains to detect any cracks, defects, leaks or other potential problems

  • Identifying the most effective repair solution for the issue, based on the scale of the problem and the characteristics of the pipes and the location

  • Efficiently carrying out repairs and relining work to deliver fast, effective and long-lasting results, in line with the highest health and safety standards

  • Cleaning up and restoring the worksite, ensuring minimal disturbance of your regular commercial activities and routines.

Property owners often find drainage problems a hassle to deal with, but when left unresolved, they can result in leaks, flooding, environmental contamination and structural damage. By contacting Lanes, we can quickly resolve any emergency drainage problems, and nip potential future issues in the bud before they can become serious.

How do I know if my drain is in need of repair?

If you suspect that you potentially have a blocked or damaged drain that needs professional drain repair, you should look out for the following telltale signs:

  • Your sink, shower, bath and toilet may be draining slower than usual, or not at all

  • There is an unusual foul odour lingering in your home

  • You can hear gurgling sounds from your drains, plug holes, toilet flushes and pipes

All of these signs may indicate drainage problems, ranging from a blocked drain to cracked pipes, or even a fully collapsed drain. To learn more about how to tell when you have a problem, take a look at our guide to detecting signs of a blocked drain.

Expert Drain Relining

Traditional repair involves digging up large sections of pipework, which may cause considerable disruption for a business. Here at Lanes, we use no-dig drain relining techniques as our default method for the repair and renovation of commercial drains, as an effective and proven means of avoiding this inconvenience.

What is No-Dig Drain Relining?

Our commercial drain relining services utilise no-dig methods that allow us to fix cracked or damaged pipes without having to break ground. It addresses the immediate problem while reducing future maintenance in a way that is both cost-effective and convenient.
The relining process involves bonding a drain lining to the inner surface of the damaged pipe, creating a new pipe inside the old one. This works in vertical or horizontal pipes and can be applied to pipes with diameters as small as 100mm, or as large as a 1,500mm culvert.
You can learn more about the specifics of the process by downloading our best practice guide to drain relining.

How much does drain relining cost?

Our commercial drain pipe lining services are priced competitively, with each job scoped according to factors such as the condition and type of pipe, the accessibility of the site, and so on. In each case, we ensure the cost is tailored to your organisation’s budget and practical needs.

How long will the replacement last?

We test our lining materials for a minimum of 1,000 hours to ensure that they meet the WRc (Water Research Centre) 50-year design life criteria. However, since we also incorporate a x2 safety factor, the life expectancy of our liners is doubled to around 100 years. For further assurance, our installations are independently verified by Exova to ensure the very highest standard of quality and performance.

Why choose Lanes?

Lanes is the UK’s leading privately-owned specialist drainage contractor and was one of the earliest adopters of no-dig technology in the country. We work closely with international manufacturers and industry bodies, making use of innovative new materials and techniques whenever appropriate.

We have many years of experience delivering commercial drain repair services in demanding and challenging business environments, such as in production facilities that require specially formulated chemical-resistant liners to repel caustic cleaning materials, or food and drink manufacturing sites that need pipe liners to be totally odour-free.

We are known for exceeding our clients’ expectations as a matter of course, thanks to our proven expertise and huge investment in technology and people. With a nationwide network of depots operating 24/7, we can deliver commercial drain repair services that meet your needs, whether you require planned or reactive support.

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