Sewer Repairs

If your property has been affected by serious damage or a total collapse of your sewers, drains or pipes, it can cause severe disruption. Contact Lanes Drainage Services UK, and we can provide highly efficient sewer repairs to get everything back in working order as soon as possible.


Our Sewer Repair Services

At Lanes, we deliver sewer repair services that can ensure your sewer system is restored to full working order as quickly and efficiently as possible, while minimising any inconvenience caused for you.

Our services include the following:

  • Carrying out a full inspection of your drains and the surrounding area, using our remote CCTV inspection system or manually entering the pipes in order to locate and diagnose the problem

  • Excavating and replacing your sewer once a collapse has been confirmed, with our NRSWA (New Roads and Street Works Act)-qualified civil team carrying out this work in a way that minimises disruption for the property owner and general public

  • Fully reinstating the area afterwards, ensuring that both the sewer system and the ground above are left in excellent condition

We have years of experience in carrying out works of this kind, and are ready to take on jobs of all sizes, no matter where your property is located. Our repairs are of the very highest quality, ensuring that the replaced sewer pipes will last you for years or even decades to come.

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What are the causes of collapsed drains and sewers?

There are many factors that can create blockages and performance issues in your property’s drains and sewers, but the most serious of them will lead to a total collapse, which is likely to be more complex to repair than a simple blockage.

Common causes of sewer collapses include:

  • Persistent blockages and leaks – if your pipes are prone to regular leaks and obstructions, this can result in water continually escaping into the surrounding ground, putting pressure on the sewer pipe and potentially causing a collapse

  • Tree root incursion – if a tree is growing too close to the sewer pipes, its roots will be attracted to the moisture within the sewer line and may grow through the joints into the pipe itself, weakening the system and eventually fracturing the sewer

  • Misaligned or poorly fitted pipes – misaligned sewer pipes may not be immediately obvious, but over time this will result in leakages into the surrounding earth, causing structural damage that becomes more serious over time

  • Age, wear, and tear – in some cases, sewers may collapse simply as a result of old age, especially in areas where the pipe infrastructure was installed many decades ago. In these cases, a full replacement may be necessary

Specialists in Sewers and Drainage

When no-dig repairs are unavailable as an option, the expert engineers at Lanes can excavate and replace your damaged sewers and pipes, bringing your system back into optimal condition and reinstating the affected area swiftly, with minimum disruption for you.

By calling Lanes, you will get all the benefits of working with the UK’s leading privately owned specialist drainage contractor. We use the very best tools and methods in the business to get the job done properly, and can be contacted 24/7, wherever in the UK we are needed.

To find out more or get a free quotation for our sewer repair services, give Lanes a call on 0800 526 488, or fill in our online enquiry form to request a call back.

What are the signs of a collapsed sewer or drain?

Many of the indicators of a collapsed sewer are similar to the standard signs of any blocked drain, including slow-draining sinks, toilets or showers, gurgling sounds from plugholes or a persistent smell of sewage around the property.

However, the following signs may offer a clue that a sewer collapse is the root problem:

  • Problems with more than one of your fixtures – if your drainage problems are not localised to any one plughole and are affecting all of your sinks, baths and toilets at the same time, this indicates the problem may be affecting the main sewer line

  • Sinking ground around your property – a sewer collapse causes the ground above it to sink due to the loss of structural support. This problem is called subsidence, and is a clear sign something has gone wrong below ground

  • Waterlogged soil and fast–growing grass – if a main outdoor sewage line is seriously damaged, it will leak water into the soil, which may manifest as waterlogged soil. It may also cause a patch of fast-growing grass to develop above the sewer line, or conversely, the grass in this area may simply die due to oversaturation

If you spot signs that may indicate a collapsed sewer, get in touch with Lanes as soon as possible. By catching the problem early, it is more likely that the problem will be less serious and easier to repair.

Robotic Cutters

Lanes’ specialist robotic cutting teams work across the UK to open up lateral connections after pipe and sewer rehabilitation.

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Lanes’ specialist robotic cutting teams work across the UK to open up lateral connections after pipe and sewer rehabilitation.

Precision cutting

Lateral connections must be plotted with millimetre precision and fully opened up using a robotic cutter alongside CCTV equipment. The cutting units can operate inside pipes ranging from 75mm to 850mm in diameter, restoring flow from buildings and land to the main sewer system.

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Tackling root ingress

Robotic cutting units are used to remove root ingress from drains and sewers. This includes both fibrous and tap roots and occurs when they break into the pipes searching for water. Typically roots are cut out when we are preparing a drain for rehabilitation via CIPP reline. Using robotic cutters to remove root ingress saves time, money, and disruption, as the pipe can then be cleaned and surveyed to identify any potential damage to the pipe before a liner or patch repair is installed.

Tackling other obstructions

Lanes has used the same equipment to remove all manner of obstructions from pipes, drains, and sewers over the years. In particular, tile slurry, cement and concrete frequently get into drains during construction and building work. Lanes is accomplished at project managing the removal of such debris for the builder in time for handover.

And the weird and wonderful

Cables, wooden fencing stoops, toys — you name it, and we have found it in the drains and sewers. Discarded items like this will lodge and may eventually cause a blockage. They can be costly to remove by excavation, but with our robotic tools we cut and grind the items into smaller, more manageable pieces, pushing them to the nearest manhole chamber and vacuuming them out with jetvac technology.

The best cutter for the job

Having invested in the best cutting technology, we always have the best cutter for the application. We have been providing expert, flexible cutting solutions for years — no wonder we have so many loyal customers.

Why choose Lanes?

No matter what kind of issue you may be having with your pipes and sewers, Lanes has the experience and expertise you will need to get the problem repaired quickly, with a minimum of fuss, to get everything back to normal for you.

We handle damaged sewers of all diameters, types and locations, with a consistent commitment to competitive prices and great service. We have renovated mainline sewer systems across entire counties, in addition to the countless smaller jobs we do for individual businesses and domestic properties across the UK.

With a nationwide network of depots, we can be contacted 24/7 to deal with any drainage problem, whether you require an emergency callout or a pre-planned maintenance project. Simply get in touch with us, and we will be able to find the best and most efficient solution for any sewer repair issue.

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