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Are you looking to arrange a drain or manhole inspection to identify a suspected blockage affecting your drains, manholes, sewers or pipes? If so, call Lanes Drainage Services UK. With our drain inspection services, we can accurately diagnose any potential issues and solve them with minimum fuss.

With our CCTV drain survey service providing the fastest and most cost-effective way of inspecting both drains and sewers, we can identify current and potential problems in your drainage system with little to no disruption.

Based on the results of our drain testing or sewer line inspection, we will deliver a precise report that will provide absolute clarity about the current condition of your pipes, allowing us to identify exactly what maintenance work is required.

Our manhole and drain inspections are delivered by one of the UK’s most qualified team of drainage experts. With 24/7 callouts and nationwide coverage, you can always rely on Lanes to find the right solution to any drainage problem and get your system back up and running without any inconvenience for you.

To arrange a drain or manhole inspection with Lanes, call us today on 0800 526 488, or fill in our online enquiry form.

Drain Inspection Services

At Lanes, our rigorous drain inspections process will deliver total clarity about the condition of your pipes. We go further than simply identifying blockages, and will instead give you a clear picture of the overall condition of your drainage system. Drain inspections are useful not only when you are investigating a problem, but to aid you in the care and maintenance of your drainage system, which can help prevent problems before they arise.

Our drain inspections and sewer line testing process includes:

  • Undertaking CCTV inspections and leak tracing of manholes, chambers, drains and sewers, utilising specialised high-resolution digital camera tools

  • Using sonde and trace techniques, which involve sending a small sonde sensor down the pipes to trace its signal from the surface. This sewer camera inspection approach allows us to locate blockages and collapses in non-metallic sewers, drains and pipes

  • Analysing the data and findings from our drain inspections to present you with a written report, alongside recommendations for the best solution to the problem

  • Repairing any structural defects and leaks we find as soon as they have been identified

We have years of experience delivering drain and sewer line inspections for domestic and commercial clients, including local authorities, utility companies and consultants. No job is too big or small for Lanes, and we will always strive to find a solution that delivers the greatest benefit with the smallest amount of disruption for you.

Manhole Inspection Services

In many cases, manhole inspections will be carried out using CCTV technology because it is often easier to access the pipes in this way, reducing the health and safety risk to drainage engineers while delivering reliable and accurate inspection services. However, under some circumstances it may be necessary for specially trained engineers to enter the system via a manhole inspection chamber.

Thanks to our expertise and the wide range of drain inspections services we offer, we can always ensure that we meet your specific requirements in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible, repairing any existing damage, removing blockages and recommending maintenance that can prevent flooding, leaks and other emergencies in the future.

Depending on the utility company you are signed up with, drainage inspections may be covered under the terms of their operating licence, so we would recommend double-checking with them before booking a session with us.

CCTV Drain Surveys

One of the difficulties of keeping domestic drains and sewers in good working condition is the fact that they are hidden away. Without CCTV drain surveys, it is hard to spot potential issues until they have developed into serious issues.

Our advanced CCTV drain survey methods are the solution to this problem. As the UK’s biggest privately-owned drainage and wastewater contractor, Lanes is a leading provider of CCTV drain surveying services, using the very latest camera equipment to check the inside of your drainage system and sewers and make sure they’re in top condition.

With a CCTV drain survey, assessments can be performed using remote-controlled camera units, meaning there is no longer any need to dig up the ground or enter the pipes to perform these checks. By arranging a CCTV drainage survey with Lanes, you get peace of mind with absolutely minimum disruption.


How do CCTV drain surveys work?

Modern CCTV drain survey technology makes inspecting drains and sewers more efficient than ever.

Instead of having to perform an excavation or have an engineer manually enter the pipes, a wheel-mounted camera unit is lowered into the system, sending high-definition images back to a monitor.

Using the images from the CCTV drain survey, our Lanes engineers are able to check the condition of the pipes from their mobile units and remotely identify potential issues, such as hairline cracks, large fissures, collapsed sections and a blocked drain, as well as rodent infestations and displaced joints that allow pests to enter the drainage system.

Once the survey is complete, we will compile a CCTV drain survey report, review the images and recommend solutions to any problems we discover, such as CIPP patch relining work to repair cracks identified in the pipes.

What are the advantages of CCTV drainage surveys?

The camera technology we use for our CCTV drain survey work is the fastest and most cost-effective way of inspecting drains and sewers, producing high-quality images to easily identify current and potential problems and put an action plan in place. Spotting problems like this can help to prevent small issues from turning into big ones.

Hairline cracks, for example, can result in water leakage that gradually undermines the stability of the pipe, while larger cracks and holes can bring in silt and debris that leads to blockages. CCTV surveys are also effective for identifying pest infestations in pipes, which can be a serious risk to health and hygiene, leading to vermin such as cockroaches and rats coming into the building from the drains.

CCTV drain surveys will identify issues quickly and efficiently without any major disruption, so you can get your pipes back in good working order. Additionally, a CCTV survey can help to shed light on drainage system ownership queries, shedding light on the exact source and location of drainage problems so it can be determined who is responsible for fixing it.

How much does a CCTV drain survey cost?

At Lanes, our expertise means that we can perform your CCTV drain survey quickly and efficiently, which minimises expenses and ensures that our prices are extremely competitive. There are a number of external factors that can affect the overall CCTV drain survey cost, so it is important to speak to our experts about your circumstances for a more specific idea of the work you need and the associated costs.

These factors include the type of property and drainage system you have, particularly the size and length of the drain, which will determine the equipment we need to use. Drains may also require cleaning before a survey, depending on the nature and location of the blockage being investigated. The location of the blockage relative to the access point may affect the costs of a CCTV drain survey, and the ease with which we can access the drainage system itself.

The advantage of a CCTV drain survey compared to other types of drainage survey is that there is often no need to dig to access the pipes, meaning minimal disruption and reasonable costs for you.

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Why choose Lanes Drainage Services UK?

By selecting Lanes for your drain and manhole inspection needs, you will receive an industry-leading service from the UK’s biggest privately-owned specialist drainage and wastewater contractor.

At Lanes, we have been delivering drain inspection and repair services across the UK for over 30 years, and have an expansive network of depots and local teams around the country. We can be contacted 24/7 to arrange reactive or planned maintenance work, whenever or wherever we are needed.

You can also rely on us to make use of the very latest technology in our work. Our drain and manhole inspections are performed using the sophisticated IBAK Panoramo SI, which uses high-resolution digital cameras fitted with wide-angle lenses to scan the entire interior of a manhole, pipe or chamber measuring 300mm or more in just a few seconds with astounding clarity.

With this 360-degree camera technology and our advanced sonde and trace techniques, we can produce high-quality visual data that engineers could only dream of even only a few years ago. This gives us a clear picture of your drain problem and ensures that we are able to find the most efficient solution possible.

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