Drain Insurance Claims Management

If you are making an insurance claim following a problem with your drains or clean water system, Lanes for Drains can handle the entire claims process. With our drain insurance claims management service, we can get everything sorted for you, with as little stress as possible.

By contacting us to fix your drainage problem, Lanes can also take full responsibility for handling the insurance paperwork, liaising with your insurer, and giving you the convenience of a single point of contact throughout the entire claims process.


We understand that making a home insurance claim can seem complex, which is why it’s best to rely on our expert drain insurance claims handling service. Our years of experience and strong industry reputation mean we can work smoothly with insurance companies to take care of everything, ensuring zero delays to your repairs and no risk of being left out of pocket on the claim.

For more information on the drain insurance claims help that Lanes can provide, give us a call today on 0333 255 7502, or fill out our online enquiry form to request a call back.

Our drainage insurance claims handling services

At Lanes, we are dedicated to helping you get your drainage problem fixed and your insurance claim paid as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. Here is how our drain insurance claim management process works:

  • After you have contacted Lanes about your drainage problem, we will visit your property to assess the issue and come up with the most effective solution

  • We will perform the necessary repairs and maintenance to get your drains back in full working order

  • We will contact your insurance company and liaise with them at every stage, ensuring that the claims process is proceeding in line with the repair work

  • Our team will complete and send all of the necessary paperwork to the relevant loss adjusters, insurance companies, estate agents and brokers, streamlining the bureaucracy and giving you a single point of contact for your claim

  • We will keep you as the policyholder informed and reassured throughout, guiding each case from initial claim to final settlement

Our overall aim is to make sure that everything is completed as efficiently as possible, and for customers to come away feeling just as satisfied with the claims process as they are with the drain repair work. We work with a variety of customers on jobs of all shapes and sizes, and can take the stress out of even the most complex claim.

What type of drainage insurance claims can we help with?

We are able to help homeowners handle insurance claims related to repairs affecting both drainage and clean water systems.

Drainage claims

When dealing with a drainage claim, we will carry out a CCTV survey, using sophisticated imaging systems to take a look at the inside of the pipes and identify any problems. Our high-tech equipment allows us to do this without having to dig up the ground, meaning you will not be disrupted by the work.

Once we have found the problem, we will contact the insurance company to get the claim authorised, and aim to schedule the repair work as this is signed off. This allows us to ensure that any problems are resolved as quickly as possible, getting your pipes back in full working condition in no time.

Clean water claims

If you are having problems with your clean water system, we will scan the pipes to identify any signs of leaks or damage, before using our cutting-edge technology to repair the affected area.

As with all of our repair services, the aim will always be to keep disruption to a bare minimum, meaning we will choose the most effective repair methods. At the same time, we will work closely with your insurer to authorise your claim in a timely manner, keeping you informed at each stage.

Why choose Lanes?

When it comes to drain insurance claims handling, Lanes is one of the industry’s most experienced service providers, has partnered with insurers across the UK for many years.


We are also the UK’s biggest privately-owned specialist drainage and wastewater contractor, with more than 25 offices and depots nationwide. This means we are able to respond to callouts anywhere in the country on a 24/7 basis, handling repair and maintenance for all kinds of homes and properties.

This combination of drainage expertise and strong links with insurers allows us to provide a comprehensive end-to-end claims handling service, delivering a seamless experience free of bureaucratic headaches. As with our repair services, our goal is to provide peace of mind, with as little disruption along the way as possible.
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